Give yourself license to create your own bespoke event and book the tent only. Like the name suggests the Blank Canvas allows you to style a simple effortless affair or go for over-the-top indulgence. The decision is yours. If you’re in need of inspiration, we offer optional extras including a green garland to drape over the entrance and festive tassels.

Keep in mind the tent itself needs at least 8x8m space in the backyard, and fits 8-10 people seated, making it the perfect pick for any event - big or small.


Sanctuary .jpg


The Lounge is just what you need for a close and cosy gathering. Featuring a mix of earthy toned cushions and cane furniture laid on top of exotic rugs – you can transform any backyard whatever the event.

This chic yet comfortable offering will let your guests enjoy themselves while sprawling around the low table, set with an eye-catching dried floral arrangement. It’s the right choice for a carefree yet considered gathering for about 8-10 people. We can create spaces for any number of guests - just get in touch for a quote.

Please note that the Lounge doesn’t include a tent.


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Get the most stunningly styled party with the Completely Pitched package. For this one you’ll not only get the spectacular tent, but it will also be styled inside and out by us.

This one will transform your backyard into something exceptional with the use of our signature earthy toned cushions, cane furniture, tables and exotic rugs. Package includes a green garland to drape over the entrance, festive tassels and a dried floral arrangement.